Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Order - Part 1

I ordered some random stuff last week from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  I was going to post it all in one post, but I have too many pictures lol.  So I'm breaking it up to 2 parts, this being the first.  =)

Let's start with a good one - the Onitsuka Tiger Serrano sneakers (owned by Asics) in blue bell.  It is no secret that I love ombre, or whatever this color fading thing is called.  I love it in my tops, bottoms, shoes, etc. etc. etc.  Omg what is not to love about these???  They are so pretty!

So the Tiger Serrano shoes are my bf's absolute favorite shoes.  I actually randomly bought him a pair a couple years ago when I was at Nordstrom.  They turned into his favorites from the minute he put them on, and ever since then he has been constantly checking to see if they are released in new colors.  This is from a guy who does not like to shop!  Based on all the positive reviews the men's version has, you can tell that he's not the only one who feels that way.  Everyone talks about how comfortable they are and how they need zero time to break in.  Some of the Tiger sheos are even unisex!

One of my good friends started working for Asics/Tiger earlier this year, after he's been raving about the Tiger Serrano shoes prior to that too.  So obviously it was only a matter of time before I gave them a shot myself.  When I saw this color combo, I was sold immediately, and ordered them in my true to size 6.  These are only $79 which is so much more reasonably priced than Nikes (though you can always get Nikes on sale).  The men's version is only $69!  My bf actually just bought the navy/orange pair from the anniversary sale for only $46 and they look even better in person.  He actually said he loves these shoes so much that he wants to pay the company full price lol.

After my order arrived, I put them on and I immediately understood why they all like these so much!  They are super comfortable right off the bat!  They are meant to be casual shoes rather than shoes to workout in.  But I see no issues with weight lifting in them.  They have a pretty low drop which is good for lower leg workouts.  They are more cushiony than my Nike shoes, but they don't offer as much stability.  I don't mind them at all for something different though.  I feel like I've been married to my Nike shoes for too long!

The only negative thing I would say about working out in them is that the material is not as breathable.  So my feet feel hotter with these on than with my Nike shoes that have venting.  But if you just wear them casually like they are meant to be, then you won't have a problem.

Oh, another thing is that you have to wear low rise liner socks.  These are cut very low, and it looks dorky to have your socks showing.  =)

Anyway, I see more of the Tiger Serrano shoes in my futures.  =)

The next item I bought is another thing I've heard good things about - the Zella Fitness Liner socks.  I've heard Zella makes great socks, and these socks have tons of 5 star reviews too.  I got the 3 pack in the "red jazzy" color which I think is pretty.  They are $15 for the anniversary sale, as opposed to $24.

Ok, I don't know what the people writing those reviews are smoking.  By looking at the picture, I was initially worried that these socks would not be "no show".  But the name "liner socks" kind of implies no show to me.  And I read multiple reviews about them that state they are completely no show.  So I felt safe enough to assume that was the case.  However, that is the furthest from the truth!  I'm not happy about these at all.  They look like ankle socks on me!  And yes, I did order the right size according to their size chart (9/11 fits shoe sizes 6-8.5).

I am returning these, I don't care that they are only $15.  I hate how high they go.  Should just stick with Ivivva socks from now on.

The next item I ordered is the Halogen Scarf Tie blouse.  I actually ordered 2 of these - one in pink black diamond and one in solid black.  These are $49 as opposed to $78 for the anniversary sale, and I figure I could always use more scarf tie blouses for work (I love my Ann Taylor one!).

So after I took them out of the box to try them on, I was thinking they looked and felt a little cheap.  I got them in size S which I believe is the right size.  There's still plenty of room to move around.  

I am not too impressed with the fit.  Nothing is terribly wrong with it, but it is kind of just "meh".  The colors are also kind of "meh".  A bit boring.  I also was put off by the strong polyester smell.  I was considering keeping one or returning both.  I thought $49 is actually not that cheap for a polyester blouse after all.  I think I'd rather trade both in for a silk blouse instead.

So these were my thoughts as I was walking around the house with the black one on.  Then I bend down to pick up something from the floor, and I heard a rip!  I looked in the mirror, and saw this HUGE rip in the back of the arm!  It's like an inch long.  All I did was pick something up from the floor!  The blouse is not even tight fitting in the arms to begin with. 

I've bought a lot of things and this has never happened before.  I think Nordstrom will take it back, since I just received it and wore it for 2 seconds when this happened.  I still have the tags on as well.  Poor quality like this is really inexcusable.  Needless to say, the pink diamond print one is going back as well.  I can get a Vince or Theory silk blouse for $100 (on sale lol) that would be much better made than this one!

Anyway, disappointing but I'd rather find out now than months down the road when I've already worn them.  But, I will have more positive things to write about for Part 2 of this post lol.  I will post it later this week.  Stay tuned!


  1. Adorable sneakers! I indulged in a couple Current/Elliott items I would have ignored if it wasn't for the sale. Love them. But now you got me back on the Nordstrom site... Dangerous...

    1. Hehe... I keep going back too! But I've decided I can't buy anything else anymore... for now.... =P

  2. Completely off-topic but I was wondering what your favorite Equinox classes were?

    1. Hmmm... Well my absolute favorite class was this boxing class at Westwood that I took years ago but it has been discontinued. The instructor quit... he was amazing! I've taken other boxing classes there that were just meh. I think out of all the different types of classes I've taken, I like the kettlebell classes seem to be the most consistently good even with different instructors. I find spin and yoga classes to be very dependent on the instructor. I could go from loving it to hating it. Those tabata or 4x4 classes are not bad either if you like conditioning type of workouts. Nowadays I mainly just do weights on my own rather than taking classes...

    2. Thank you so much for replying! I tried using a book to piece together my own workouts with weights, but I'm a little lost to be honest... I go to the smaller of the two OC gyms. Not tons of classes but I can try the boxing and 4x4 =)


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