Friday, July 10, 2015

Lululemon Cool To Street Tank

I ordered the new Lululemon Cool To Street Tank during Tuesday's upload and it arrived today.  This is what seems like my first Lululemon purchase in forever!  I was kind of excited for it too, since it's got the cool open-back look that I like a lot.  I got it in the gator green/jazzy white color combo.  I also got it in size 6 which used to be my size up but maybe that's my normal Lululemon size now?!  I don't know, but I have been buying 6 in tanks lately since I prefer the looser fit.

The gator green color is very dark in person too, just like in the photos.  At first I thought they sent me a black or gray one.  But if you take it under natural lighting, it does look green.  Just a very very dark green.

I held up the tank and thought it would probably be a good fit, but after I put it on, this happened:

It's probably hard to see in the full body pic, but this!!  What is this weird excess fabric thing hanging down my armpit???

And that's not caused by the weight of the hang tag, since the hang tag is on the other side!  The other side has the same issue:

So, at first I thought that maybe it's because I sized up?  If I got a 4 maybe it would fit?  But I doubted that.  And then I went online to take a closer look at their own photo on the model, and it has the same thing!

I didn't notice this when I ordered, obviously.  There were also no reviews when I ordered.  But now there are 2 bad reviews, both stating the same thing I am describing here.  Ughhh... I don't know about you, but this is a total deal breaker for me.  It looks so weird and cheap, which is not what you want when you spend $52 on a thin tank.  I can't believe Lululemon let this pass their inspection (do they even inspect their stuff?  lol).  I'm definitely returning this, no question about it.

Other than this issue, the tank is not bad.  The fabric in the front is described as "wicking" fabric.  The back is mesh of course.  The closest Lululemon fabric to this one that I own is the swim fabric used in the Water Bound singlet.  I think the fit of the size 6 in the body is good.  It's the right amount of looseness that I like.  Here are some other pictures:

The back is very open and will show off your sports bra!  The mesh is quite see-through too, as you can clearly see the rip out tag here:

A closer look of the mesh:

Even from the back view, you can see the gaping armpit thing:

Whatever, I'll save $52 by returning this.  It's not like the design is super special anyway.  It's a pretty close copy of Splits59's Devon tank that I have a couple of already.  See?  I actually like the fit of the Devon tank better because it drapes better in the back.  It's just not mesh.

I'm just annoyed that I have to walk over to the store and return this tank, because it's such a hassle to return stuff!

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