Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lululemon Breezy Singlet - Super Cute!

Finally, a tank from Lululemon that I like!  I went to return the horrid Cool To Street tank on Sunday, and decided to try on the Breezy Singlet.  I think I saw it when it uploaded online but didn't think much of it.  In person I was immediately drawn to the white/grapefruit one so I decided to try it on, and was pleasantly surprised!

Lately I've been sizing up to 6 in Lulu tanks, but the store only had size 4 and size 8 left.  So I grabbed the 4.  It actually fits quite loosely!  So I'd say this tank fits true to size, or you could even size down if you like a snugger fit.  Though it is on the short side.  This tank actually doesn't scream "Lululemon" to me.  The dual toned look reminds me of something that Nike would make.  

Here it is on me:

I have the Lululemon Centered Energy bra in flash underneath - flash and grapefruit are quite similar:

The fabric of this tank in the front is swift.  It's lightweight but it's not super breathable.  I read one of the reviews online that said this fabric sticks to your skin once you start to sweat.  I can see that.  But I have yet to try it for a workout.  It's not a huge concern to me though, since I mostly just do weights.  I do get quite sweaty, don't get me wrong.  But it's not the same as cardio which just drenches you like a sea monster lol.

The fabric on the back (the grapefruit part) is mesh, which is really nice and soft.  It's definitely more breathable than swift.

Maybe because I had such bad experience with my flash items bleeding on me, that I'm afraid grapefruit would bleed onto the white part of the tank if I sweat in it!  So far none of the reviews online have mentioned any issues with bleeding.  But there are only 9 reviews so far and I'm just paranoid.  I'll be sad and mad if that happens.

On a side note, I'm so in love with the new special edition wunder under crops that were uploaded tonight.  I've been stalking them on the Australia site forever and finally ordered a pair last week, only to find out that they were coming to the US this week lol.  But Australia only had size 6 left so that's what I got.  Tonight I was able to order the size 4 from the US site which will no doubt arrive sooner than the 6 from Australia.  How pretty are these!  I hope they don't disappoint...


  1. The tank looks great on you! Love the colors. I'll look forward to the review for the crops too since I haven't bit the bullet...haha. Also, I was wondering if your LJ Beyonce Bra (the pink with black lace over it) fits pretty true to size for their bras (or small or large....or is terribly low cut (crazy cleavage now!! HA). I am 12 weeks pregnant and now trying to find some new gear and think that one is really cute!! Thanks!!
    PS--you should contact Splits59 about the LS top. That was horrible...I have several of their pieces and would have been so disappointed if I had received that in the mail!!

    1. I think the Beyonce bra is a very comfortable true to size! The straps are adjustable so you can make it fit tighter and show less cleavage. But it's not any lower cut than LJ's other bras. I really like it! I definitely think it's one of my most comfortable bras. Congrats!!

  2. I didn't realize you can order lulu gear from other countries! Do you just have to pay for international shipping? I also ordered those wafs silver spoon crops se... Hoping they aren't too thin or sheer. Have you seen the pretty plume high times? I like the ombré look and the print!!

    1. No, you have to find a nice person in the country you want to order from who will let you use their address and then ship it to you once they receive the package from Lulu. Lol. It's really not that easy or convenient...

      I have seen that print and it looks nice! I will probably get them. But for now I'm anxiously awaiting the silver spoon SE crops. :)


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