Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lululemon Inspire Jacket in Lolo Purple!

I was going through old pictures on my phone and realized that I took a bunch of pictures of my Lululemon Inspire Jacket in lolo purple back in January, but never posted about the jacket!  I can't believe it.  I actually even made a wish list post about this particular jacket when it first came out in 2010.  Then I had acquired it in senorita pink.  While I really loved the jacket, I found that such a bright pink color was not all that great for me.  I just couldn't wear it as much as I would have liked.  I had been looking for the lolo purple one for soooo long and finally made a trade with someone that had the purple but loved the pink!  It was meant to be.  We are both happier now haha.  The lolo purple is exactly what I had been dreaming about... it's such a gorgeous color!  I think the Inspire Jacket is one of the best technical jackets Lululemon ever made.  It's just such a beauty!  I'm not usually one to buy windbreaker type of jackets, but this one captured my heart as soon as I put it on in store 5 years ago lol.

I took these pictures back when I still lived in my old place!  So weird that I forgot about them until now but here are tons of up close pics of this gorgeous jacket!

I have always loved asymmetrical style jackets!

Big mesh area under the arms for ventilation:

There is also mesh on the forearms.  Also, the thumbhole is super soft rulu and there is a watch hole in the cuffin!

There's reflective stripes and a big zipper pocket on the back in addition to side pockets on the front:

 There is a stowable hood that's inside of the zipper on the collar:

Once you take out the hood, it's actually quite large.  From the side, it more than covers my head:

And the back view shows how large it is:

 I normally wear this jacket open or half way zipped.  But here's what it looks like completely zipped:

Aside from the main zipper, there is also a smaller size zipper:

While you have the jacket completely zipped up, you can actually unzip the little zipper to allow ventilation:

The inside is all made of this mesh ventilation material.  On the inner pocket, there is also an opening for headset piece to go through:

I mean... how Lululemon used to make their items is much more superior than now.  This jacket retailed for $158, which I thought was expensive back then... lol!  Nowadays they would sell this for at least $200, except their items are not made with the same quality and attention to detail like they used to.  I just really appreciate all the thought that went into the many awesome technical design features, while keeping the fit feminine and flattering.  This jacket doesn't appear on ebay very often, and when it does, it is usually priced quite high (I watched listings for this jacket for years).  But if you can manage to find one, I highly, highly recommend it!  It is true to size, but fits on the snug side, especially in the chest area.  So if you are well-endowed or want to layer underneath, it's probably a good idea to size up.  The lolo purple color I got is from the very first run of this jacket.  It came out in black, senorita pink, and lolo.  Lululemon did make a second run of this jacket a year later.  I'm not sure what exactly changed though, but I remember it coming in dewberry which is a nice violet color.  =)


  1. Have you bought anything from the Nordstrom anniversary sale? I would love to see what your picks are. Thanks!

    1. I'm actually not a Nordstrom card holder so I gotta wait a week. =P


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