Friday, September 10, 2010

Cesare Paciotti Crystal Embellished Pump

I am in shoe heaven right now because my Cesare Paciotti shoes from Gilt just got here!  I think Cesare Paciotti makes such cute shoes.  Not all are wearable for me of course, some are just too "Euro trash" looking hehe.  But hey I can appreciate it anyway.  At least they are bold and different!  But at $700+ a pair, can't really buy every pair I want, unfortunately!  Thankfully Gilt had them for about $250 a pair so that was much more acceptable.  Most of the Cesare Paciotti shoes sold out within a minute!  Not even exaggerating.  I was so surprised I was able to get a pair!  I got these Crystal Embellished Pump, for $259, down from $880.  I also had a $100 credit from Gilt, so it was quite the deal.

I just love these... they are gorgeous!  First of, I'm in love with red bottom sole on any shoe.  But I really love the decorative crystal details on these.  They look so nice in person too.  Very striking, yet not too "out there" because of the combination of black as well as white crystals.  The way they catch the light gives the shoes a very elegant look.

The rest of the shoes are black suede, which reminds me that I need to go get some spray or something before I can wear these out and about.  Suede is so high maintenance!

According to Gilt, these run about a size small so I got a size up.  While I agree they do run small, I think half a size up would have been perfect.  These are just a little bit loose on me.  But I guess it's nothing a good Dr. Scholl's won't fix.  They are 4.5 inch heels, with a hidden platform, so maybe Dr. Scholl's is a good idea regardless!

Some other shoes from Cesare Paciotti... very different!

I definitely wouldn't mind having some of these spunky shoes for fun.  Though I really don't *need* more shoes since I have a full closet dedicated to them with over 100 pairs... I guess the correct word for it is an "addict".


  1. I love pumps! The pair you got is beautiful, and what a great deal. Some of the other pairs you posted pics of are pretty, but a little out there. I'd probably be most likely to wear the grey suede peep-toes, but you're right- suede is so high maintenance! At least you are in CA... here in NJ I have to worry about snow (and worse, salt used on the ice) staining my suede shoes & boots. Requires careful outfit planning in the winter!

  2. I love pumps too! I love all kinds of shoes... hahaha... I so wanted the gray peep toes as well, or the gray ones with the mesh around. Super cute. I wouldn't buy any of the other ones, but they are kinda fun to look at! Maybe for special occassion. I believe the gold and plum one (5th one down) is from their bridal section. Those would be hot shoes for a bride!

    Aww.. I never thought about the effect of weather condition on the shoes. I would hate that! I bet even spraying the suede won't help too much when it's snowing out. And the salt would definitely stain the shoes for good. If I move to NYC one day (really really really want to!) I will have to remember this!


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