Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lululemon Run: Your Heart Out Tank & Run: Your Heart Out Skirt

I have been getting some requests for try on reviews of new Lululemon items if I happen to visit the store.  And I happened to go to the store today, to return my Apres Run pullover.  Not that I don't like it, I find it very cute and comfortable.  But it's just too hot and impractical for the weather here.  So I think I should save my money for something really cute that I can get lots of use out of later.

Oh yeah, I saw the Apres Run pullover in persian purple.  I was not a fan of it in this color, I think the fleece material makes the color look kind of dull and lifeless.  And it's more blue than purple.  Persian purple looks better in the Turn Around top.

I didn't want to spend too long at the store today, but I did try on the new Run: Your Heart Out tank, in current.  I really liked this color.  The bra portion is made of luxtreme, and I at first thought the body was made of sheer luon - the fabric that I can never resist.  But it's actually silverescent.  It feels very similar to sheer luon though, I thought.  

Before I tried this tank on, I actually thought for sure I was going to love it and take it home with me.  But after putting it on, I decided it was not for me.  I tried it in my regular size 4, and it fit well in the bust.  But the body was too loose.  It's also pretty long if you leave it uncinched.  But if you cinch it, it becomes kind of balloony.  It's definitely a prego shirt.  Too much for me.  I like my vintage Dance Strap tanks which are kind of the same style, but the body is a much more flattering cut.  So even though I loved the color and material of this tank, I had to pass on it, especially at $58.  Maybe it will look better on someone taller or with a longer torso than me.  I think it looks pretty cute on the model.

I also tried on the Run: Your Heart Out Skirt in black/make davie run crazy print.  

First of all, I think this model has a really long waist or something, but this skirt looks weird on her.  I thought it was a super cute skirt.  Though very short.  I also tried it on in size 4, and it was a perfect fit.  I really like the zipper pockets on the sides.  The description says that these are meant to be tennis ball pockets, but I don't think there is any way you can fit a tennis ball in there.  I don't even think I could put anything other than some cash and maybe a credit card in it.  But they are pretty substantial for a running skirt, my other ones don't really have pockets at all.

The fit is so cute though from every direction, and I love the little bit of this make davie run crazy print peaking out from underneath the black skirt (I saw shorts entirely of this print and it was a bit much).  It does kind of flare out a bit, but in a very girly cutesy way.  I didn't buy it mainly because it's pretty pricey.  I don't think it's worth it to pay over $70 after taxes for a short skirt.  And also because I don't wear skirts that much when I run.  I have 2 Lululemon running skirts.  I love them, and they are great for the summer but I always feel a little too girly when I wear them.  They are not all that practical for the gym, since I feel like people are looking at my butt when I bend down.  I know there's built in shorts, but still.... If I wear skirts all the time though, this would be a great choice.  It matches my new Adidas shoes.  I was very tempted.  =)

I really wanted to try on these charcoal Wunder Unders made in the same running luon material as my Turn Around LS top, since I love how soft it is and I can only imagine how comfortable they would be.  But I did not have time.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them on later!


  1. That skirt is cute for someone who is much younger than me and who is much more girlie. I own two skirts (I'm 37 and mom of two) that are very flat, simple and sporty. No cutsie stuff. When I wear cutsie stuff, I look a little transvestite-y!!

  2. Ok, this is totally random, but you mentioned the website models. Did you notice that the one newer model has the most awesome legs ever?? I seriously want to buy every pair of pants she wears cuz they look so awesome on her. I think my legs are more like the model with the really muscular legs. . . . This is the one whose legs I want!

  3. My 2 running skirts are simple too. Well there is some cinching going on on the sides, but that's it! I don't think I could rock the super girly and cutesie look, I'd feel way too self-conscious lol. But I sure admire people who can pull it off!

    Haha she does have nice legs! There is another model that also has really awesome legs, but I haven't seen her in a while. She was the one with darker skin and dark curly hair that's always pulled back into a tight pony. She has a nice body in general, very athletic looking but long and lean at the same time. I loved her! She made all the clothes, especially bottoms look so good. Not sure what happened to her...

  4. Oh I found a pic of her in the Run: Resolution skirt... couldn't find one with a full shot of her legs, but her stomach is pretty awesome too! This pic seriously made me want to buy the skirt but I held off for the same reason as holding off on the newest one...,r:10,s:0&tx=46&ty=67

  5. Ok found a full body pic thanks to Lulumum!

  6. How funny. She does have nice legs. For some reason, when I buy the pants, I don't quite look like them . . . . Is that the girl with the darker skin and curly hair with a little bit of highlights? I haven't seen her in a while. I'm not sure which head belongs to the legs that I like. . . do you think it's that newer long and dark haired model?

  7. Most Lulu crops are always too long on me, so I never look quite like the models do either. They are all tall with skinny legs, so it's hard not to look good in pants! Hmm I don't remember if that curly haired girl has highlights... I didn't think so, but I could be wrong. It's hard to keep track of who's leg is whose, but I knew it was her since there was also a full body shot that had her face.

    I don't think it's the newer dark hair girl who has the legs you like. If it's the same girl I'm thinking. Because based on the link you sent me it looks to be a girl with darker skin. She's tan but not quite as dark I think. Do you think maybe sometimes they use models only for bottoms and don't show their faces?? I really don't remember another girl with darker skin - the only one I can think of is the legs I like which look different from your girl. Lol. I do think it is really funny we are playing this guessing game though!

  8. The funniest thing is that it doesn't matter a thing if we do figure it out. It's not like we're going to send her letters and tell her how awesome her legs are!


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