Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lululemon Run Turn Around LS in Plum

I just received the plum Run Turn Around LS today which I ordered online last week. It's so cute!  I love this color.  I haven't bought any Lululemon item for months until this top came out, and now I have 2 of them!  I feel like I have so much Lululemon stuff that I can be very picky.  The Turn Around LS definitely fits all the bills.  It's the perfect fit, material, length, and even the neckline.  Sometimes crew necks can feel a little uncomfortable, like a choking feeling.  But the opening of the neckline on the Turn Around is just perfect!  The fact that it's reversible as well just puts it over the top.  Not to mention the price point, which is $20 cheaper than most Lulu running tops!

I hadn't seen the plum color in person, since my store did not have it.  But it looks just like it does online, and I really like it.

I took pictures of both sides of it again.  First the strip side with the ipod pocket.

Sorry for the pajama bottoms, I was too lazy to change.  =)

And the reverse side...

Here are the web photos for comparison since they are much better quality photos in much better lighting.  I don't know why I keep putting model pictures after my own, but oh well!  

The swan colored sleeves in this top is much appreciated, as opposed to the white on the other one!  (which I already got chocolate protein powder on).

So yeah, needless to say I love it and am ripping the tags off right away.  I'm actually tempted to get the black one as well!  But I will stop myself at 2.


  1. I've ordered two of these as well, the Persian Purple, and the Plum! Haven't seen them in person, but ALL the reviews are excellent. So Merry Early Christmas to ME!! lol :)

  2. oh man.. I was trying to stay away from this since I bought TWO of the Full Tilt LS. but after reading this, it's going on my christmas list.

    I have no willpower!

  3. @Dawn: I saw the persian purple one when I was in the store, it's cute but pretty bright so be prepared! Hehe.

    @strawb3rries: Do it!! You won't regret it. =)


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