Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving today and I am starving right now!  That has to be a first.  It's probably because I am not spending it with my mom for the first time ever - she usually feeds me non-stop!  I actually ate rather healthy today and I like it!  I went to the gym first thing after I woke up, then I had a healthy breakfast with egg whites and extra lean ground turkey.  Now I am just finishing my protein drink and a handful of almonds before heading out to dinner.  I think I'm going to have lots of veggies and some meat tonight.  Maybe then I won't have to work out all weekend to burn off everything I eat today.  That's gotta be another first!

Well, I figured that since today is pretty much the national binge day, that this should be ode to all the yummy food I ate in Europe!

First meal in Prague - the best and biggest potatoe pancake I've ever had in my life!

Potatoe dumplings and some kinda meat

mushroom soup in a bread bowl, really yum

Potatoe pancakes again

Hot chocolate - more like hot chocolate pudding - so thick!!

In Vienna, having Maria Theresa - coffee with orange liqueur 

I think this was the best suckling pig I ever had

Don't remember what this was but it was yum

All the patries in Vienna were so good!  

Paprika soup in Budapest

Foie Gras soup

Interesting little dessert - mushmellows with poppy seeds

Hmm goulash... had this numerous times in that part of the world

Here's some variation of goulash again

More goulash!

Pigs cheek - SO AMAZINGLY GOOD!  We only ordered it because we saw on Anthony Bourdain's show that it was his favorite... now I know why!

Goose liver pate - so so so good!  We had the best food in Budapest

Some sort of creamy yummy soup

This was the best drink I've ever had too!  Raspberry white chocolate drink, with real pieces of white chocolate in it!  I am remaking this ASAP

This thing was everywhere in Budapest... it's like baked bread with powdered sugar  on it

This was the best best best cafe ever too!  In Budapest, the mochaccinos were AMAZING, we had 2 each.  And the cakes were so yum too, the one on the right has caramel on top

And of course wiener schnetzel must be had

Lots of mussels in Croatia

Cliff side cafe... drinking wine mid day!

A whole frog!  This sauce was amazing

This was the cheapest and best gyro, it was as big as my face!

More dessert in Croatia

Fresh caught fish in Slovenia, this dish/restaurant was so homey

This is the famous Slovenian dessert that everyone wants you to have.  It's creamy and crunchy, really good

Lots of game in Slovenia, wild boar here

This was our favorite chocolate - I don't know why they do not sell this in the States!  Well very rarely at least.  I've seen it in like 1 store here.  But every time I go to a diff country I always have this.  I believe we had at least one a day lol.  

Ok so now you know how I gained so much weight there!  Hahaha!  But I had some great stuff and would not trade it for anything!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Eat well!


  1. I love all the pics! My husband makes fun of me because I always take pictures of food, but it's so fun! The food looks amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. we have that bar in canada. All the food looks so delicious

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics. You were pretty brave to try some of the more interesting stuff like pig cheeks! I'm a dessert person so those pictures of the desserts were just heavenly ..... mmmmmm.

  4. Actually we have the kinder bueno in the US also just not in all stores. Check your specialty grocery stores. I think you are in the LA area so I am sure you have a German store which would sell them. Also you can buy them on amazon. Kinder also makes an egg with a toy suprise in them which is pretty fun and very popular in stores over here.

  5. We have the Kinder here in Canada, I get Kinder Eggs for my son all the time. I actually have a Kinder Advent Calendar sitting beside me waiting for December 1 so he can start opening all the little doors and getting the chocolate!

    Happy American Thanksgiving!!

  6. @Jen: I totally do that too! I don't normally do anything with the pics though, except maybe post some to facebook. So I'm glad I could showcase many of them here! LOL!

    @Lulu IT Girl: I guess I like to try different types of food when I travel! And when I'm not. I'm kind of a try everything once type of person. Well, maybe except for some stuff. But I too love the desserts.... Europeans sure know how to make good pastries! We just can't do the same here...

    @Anon: Thanks for the tip! I will totally check out Amazon, I never thought about checking online before. I have seen it I think at one little Italian deli here, but nowhere else... I don't know of any German stores by me either, so I need to do some research. it's seriously my favorite chocolate. I was so happy eating it everyday even though too much chocolate always makes my face break out.

    @Becky: Haha, sounds like your son and I would get along pretty well... LOL!


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