Friday, October 7, 2011

Leaving for Honeymoon Tomorrow!!!

I am so excited!!  Even though I'm super tired from lack of sleep all week.  Our itinerary seems pretty well planned out I think!  We are flying into Prague, spending 4 nights there then taking the train to Vienna.  Only 2 nights in Vienna, but then we are taking a 2 hour bus ride over to Budapest and spending 4 nights there.    Then flying from Budapest to Venice for 2 nights.  From there we are actually taking a tour to Croatia and Slovenia.  The schedule might get a little crazy, but I don't think it's super hectic or anything.  I'm used to being on the go from my traveling days back in college.  Even though we are doing nice hotels and things like that for this trip, we are still taking backpacks so it will be easier to move around from city to city.  I'm super excited about this trip since it will be so different from my normal vacations which have always been to tropical places.  I can't wait to see the churches and castles in Europe, since I was obsessed with art history back in college and I am really looking forward to different church styles from different periods.  Nerdy I know, but whatevs.

I am sure it won't be a problem to find wifi connections in Europe, so I can still check my email and post updates!  We will be there until November!

I only started packing tonight and it was a bit tough since it is getting cold in Prague and Budapest, but not as bad in Venice and that side of the continent.  So I kind of have to pack for 2 seasons.  I'm already indecisive anyways, so I just started grabbing stuff from my closet.  But having a backpack means everything has to fit in it!  I won't even be bringing a purse or anything.  I am finally able to fit all my stuff in (rolling helps a lot), but pretty much no room to take anything back... I'll figure it out as I go!

As I was packing, I couldn't help but notice that everything I packed pretty much happened to be Lululemon.  Wow.  It's a little pathetic, but that's what happens when one is obsessed with a certain store. Lol.  Lululemon clothes are really awesome for traveling though, they are not bulky, generally don't wrinkle, and they are comfy to wear while making you look cute.  =)  I also plan to go for some runs while I'm there so the clothes will be double-duty, to sorta train for my half marathon and also would be a good way to see the cities. I actually haven't bought anything from Lululemon in quite a while.  But what I already have definitely can hold me over.

I took pictures just because it was quite funny.  First the jackets and hoodies - here we have the Journey Jacket, Flashback Jacket, Inspire Jacket, Ambition Pullover, Run Brisk Pullover, Run Inspire Pullover, Outward Bound Jacket.  I also packed my Remix Hoodie which is not pictured.

Here we have all the different colored cool racerback tanks I'm bringing, as well as a couple bras.

And here are some bottoms - I am bringing 4 pairs of groove pants, because I think I will wear them a lot for walking around.  A couple pairs of Wunder Grooves, one pair of luxtreme Passion Crop to give myself more motivation to go out running.  A couple pairs of shorts for hanging around the hotel rooms.  Also not pictured here, but I'm bringing 2 pairs of Dance Studio pants and 2 pairs of Dance Studio Crops.

I am also bringing a few t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters and stuff.  I can't believe everything fits in my backpack.  It's not even that big or heavy!  I can totally walk around with it on and be fine.  I guess it's because everything is so light and rolls up into very small pieces that don't take up much room.  I will only have 2 pairs of walking shoes with me and one pair of flip flops.  I don't want to bring heels for lack of room, so I guess we won't be going anywhere with a fancy dress code.  

I am exhausted so time for bed now, I hope next time I write will be from Prague!!!

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  1. It is impressive that all that fits in your backpack. Good idea with the backpack so you don't have to worry about lost luggage. While it can be fun to dress up once in a while, it definitely makes packing more of a pain to have to bring a pair of big heels that you'd only wear once or twice. Not that I've been to europe, but when I think of it - I imagine lots of nice little cafes on the street. I would be perfectly fine eating at those types of places for 2? 3? weeks. Have lots of fun!!!


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