Friday, January 28, 2011

OPI for Sephora - Already Famous

I love OPI nail polish, as this is normally the only brand of nail polish I buy.  I just find the quality of this brand a lot better than any I've used before.  The colors always go on nice and even, with pretty much no streaks.  And they dry super fast too.  OPI has a whole line for Sephora with tons of nice colors.  I had been wanting to get the Already Famous color for the longest time ever since it came out in fall 2010, but it was always sold out every time I checked at the Sephora closest to me.  So finally I went to a different Sephora a couple weeks ago, and they had it in stock.  I really like this color.

I stole this picture on google image from another person's blog - my nails are not nearly nice enough to take close up pics right now!  And I think this picture shows the real life color pretty well.  It's a rather sheer nail polish if you only apply one coat.  The picture looks like it has at least 2 or 3 coats.  I've been wearing this color for about a week now and I put on 2 coats.  That way it's not sheer at all, and the color becomes more metallic.  The description of this color says that there's silver glitters in it.  But I don't really see any silver at all when I have it on.  It just looks like a very nice champagne color with sheen.  I now have it on my finger nails and my toes.  I think it works well on either.  So this is my current obsession.  I must go back to Sephora soon and find more colors!  I can never have enough...


  1. My favorite nail polish brand is Rescue Beauty Lounge. I have some OPI and the RBL is, imo, a much better application. You should check them out. They're quite expensive, but if you only get a couple colors a year, it works out well (and they have a half off sale around Christmas). :) My favorite is teal.


  2. I love Sephora's OPI line too! My fav is this really subtle pink and everyone always asks if I've had a manicure because it makes my nails look so perfect. I've only ever worn that type of subtle pink but this looks potentially neutral enough to give it a try! Oh and I have a Sephora gift card too... must be fate!

  3. Thanks Angela! I will definitely check it out.

    @Anon: I normally like light pink and subtle colors too. Except for the raja ruby also by OPI which is a great deep red color. But other than being a little metallic after multiple coats, this one is definitely a good neutral.

  4. This colour is great; I wonder if Sephora in Canada carries it? If not, I'll have to put it on my list of things to get while in Chicago. OPI is my favourite nail polish, recently tried China Glaze and found that it didn't go on as nicely or last as long. I'm still a fan of the dark nail polish; I currently have black on and still love the look.

  5. Oh Sephora also has a color (I forget the name but if you click on the link I posted and scroll down you can see it) that is black with sparkles! It looks so pretty! Like kind of edgy with an girly flavor. =)

  6. Oh I love it and the name (Never Enough Shoes) thanks for the heads up. I like the light sheer shades but I love how jewel tones look on my Asian skin.


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