Sunday, January 16, 2011

Yesterday's Shopping Trip(s)

Man... I pulled a 12 hour shopping trip yesterday.  Well that's including this bride expo I went to at the LA Convention Center.  It was pretty overwhelming to have all these vendors yelling at you trying to sell you stuff!  After like the 5th photographer, I was already getting everything jumbled!  But I guess it was at least kind of interesting to get ideas and shop prices.  I also got a lot of discount cards, including a bouquet toss I won for $200 off with a DJ service.  Good to know I'm a good bouquet tosser!  Hehe.  I also tried on some wedding dresses just for fun.  This was my first time trying anything on that remotely resembled a wedding dress.  Wow, super overwhelming.  How am I supposed to pick only one dress??  Now I don't even want to think about that anymore!

I didn't buy any wedding related things at the expo.  But they did have a vendor selling 1500 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheet sets for like $35!  I didn't know the brand but figured that any sheet set for $35 is a pretty good deal, even if this brand wasn't top notch.  I got them in a nice charcoal color, and washed them and slept in them last night.  It was divine!  I have many different sheets from department stores that are around 600 thread counts which cost me something like $100 - $200 a set.  But these new sheets are so soft they beat all my other ones out the water!  So the expo was a defnite success!

I was with a couple friends, and one of them was my gay best friend who loves to shop!  So he dragged me to 3rd street in Santa Monica after the expo.  Maybe it was because of the nice weather, but it was probably the most crowded I had ever seen that place!  It was packed and parking was impossible.  Took an hour just to get into a parking lot.  But hey, we did some damage since every store was having a great sale, probably to clean out the inventory from year end and make room for new stuff.  I got so many things for like $20-30 a piece, from places like Diesel, Armani Exchange, Nordstrom, etc.  Pretty great.  I love year end sales.  I guess all the traffic and crowd was all worth it at the end!

I was able to replenish my beloved Kiehl's Creme de Corps.

Only the best lotion ever made.  Once you put it on your skin, you immediately feel the difference.  It's like it just sinks into your skin and moisturizes from within.  It doesn't give the sticky or oily feeling that some lotions do.  It's thick but doesn't clog the pores.  The 16.9 oz bottle will last forever because you only need to use a little bit each time.  This lotion makes my after shower regime more fun!  I don't think I've ever gotten so excited about any lotion as I have with this one every single time!

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