Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lululemon Goal Crusher Tank

I went shopping on Sunday and stopped by Lululemon.  Tried on some stuff and came home with the new Goal Crusher Tank!  The tank comes in black, white and harbor blue.  I actually liked all 3 colors but ended up going with the white one because it's summer.

Of course what attracted me to the tank was the pretty mesh back!  I was actually thinking that since I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, I can wear this tank casually as well.  It would look cute with some shorts.

I wore a bright colored bra so you can see how see-through the back is (it's pretty much sheer):

So I sized up to size 8 in this tank!  I haven't been buying a whole lot from Lululemon lately, but my experience has been that I've had to wear more and more tops/bras in size 6 and 8 nowadays instead of size 4 like I used to.  I did try this tank on in size 6 first.  It was too tight for my liking.  I think size 8 is much better, and it's not even that loose, especially in the chest.

By the way, got the black Tight Stuff Tight, as seen in the above photos!  Funny, I just got the wine berry color a couple weeks ago, and I mentioned that I wanted these in black but they never went on sale and I didn't want to shell out $150 for them.  Well, literally the day after I wrote that, I got a super deal on ebay!  They were like $40 or something buy it now.  So I bought them right away!  And they are like brand new!  So they are the solid black ones with the reflective design on the bottom.  I'm kind of obsessed with this.  These are size 4 as well which is the same size as my other 2 pairs, but for some reason they feel a little bit tighter.  

Anyway, I am done collecting these tights!  Pretty happy with all 3 color ways I have now.  But I may think about getting the Goal Crusher tank in black as well.  

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