Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Louboutins! New Very Prive and Salonu

I haven't written about any Louboutin shoes lately.  But I have bought some more!  Lol.  I will write about 2 pairs for now.  The first pair is the New Very Prive 120mm in this suuuuper cool marble print!  

So I got these shoes on ebay for a really good deal.  They were like $350 brand new with box, shipping and everything!  They are still on the Louboutin website at full price of $845.  But they were size 37 and I normally wear 36 or 36.5.  I was a bit worried that they would be too big but I just really liked them lol.  Well... it turns out they actually fit perfectly, especially with some Foot Petals shoe inserts.  

I'm really really happy with these shoes.  They truly look like marble.  The "New Very Prive" style is also an improvement from the older "Very Prive" style which has a thicker heel.  The slender heel just looks sexier!  They are also pretty comfortable as far as heels go.  They are 120mm but with the 20mm hidden platform, they are equivalent to a 4 inch heel which is pretty reasonable.

The toe tip is a pale gold color:

There are also little blue spots among the black and white:

Next is a style called Salonu, but in an older pattern.  The pattern is called Dentelle Sevillana.  It's basically white lace.  They are rather bridal looking I suppose lol.  But I love a nice white shoe and can't get enough!  I think the white and red sole contrast looks especially striking.

These are size 36, and they fit true to size.  They are 100mm heel height, with no platform.  They are also very very light and pretty comfortable to wear!

I wore them last week and walked/stood quite a bit.  By the end of the day, the edge of the lace upper did feel like they were digging into my feet a little, but I didn't get any blisters or cuts.  I think sometimes you walk around in hot weather for an extended period of time, and your feet swell up some, which makes shoes less comfortable.  But under normal circumstances, they are perfectly fine.

Love these!  But I have more shoes to post later on.  =)


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