Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100

I've become quite a Louboutin shoe fan in the last year or so.  But I never tried the famed "Pigalle" style until recently.  As any heel lover would know, the Pigalle is the iconic Louboutin style that put the brand on the map.  I've recently decided that I should upgrade all my "go to" heels, because why not lol.  I have all these Loubies now, but I actually wear my "normal" black or nude patent heels most of the time.  And I realized that if I'm going to spend money on shoes, it would make more sense to spend them on shoes that I can wear everyday instead of only on special occasions or date nights.  Soooo, I got both patent nude and patent black Pigalle 100mm heels!  100mm was very important to me, because 100 is everyday wear to me, and 120 is a bit uncomfortable.

This was such a good decision, because I've already worn both of these a bunch after getting them.  I feel like the style is pretty classic and versatile.  Also, Louboutin's "nude" is such a close match to my skin color that they are a true nude on me and really have that leg lengthening effect.  I haven't found another brand that is as close a match as CL.

They are both size 36, which is definitely on the tighter fitting side.  The toe box in the Pigalle style is smaller than most pointy toed shoes.  I think half a size up probably would work for me as well, but I always struggle with my feet coming out of the back of the heels if the fit is slightly too large.  So I didn't want to take that chance.  Plus, leather shoes will stretch.  Although patent won't stretch as much, but I'm thinking they will still stretch at least a little and mold to my feet!  

Although this style is not how I started wearing Louboutin shoes, I think it's actually a pretty good gateway style!  You'd definitely be able to get a lot of use out of them.  


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