Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lots of Items from Express!

I ordered a bunch of tops from Express last week.  It's been a while since I shopped at Express!  But I do like getting work stuff from there once in a while.  Sometimes I just get really sick of my current work clothes and feel like I have the same stuff on rotation all the time.  In reality, that's probably not true lol.  But anyway, I like new stuff haha.

The most interesting top I got this time is definitely an eye-catcher.  It's the Slim Fit Floral Print Portofino Shirt.  I don't usually like floral prints, but I thought this particular one looked pretty cool, especially on this model!  I was also curious to try out the "slim fit" of this Express staple.  I have like 5 Portfolio Shirts that I've bought in the past, but that was before they came out with the slim fit.

I got this shirt in size S.  My other Express Portofino shirts are size XS, but I feel like Express has been making their sizing smaller within the last year or so.  Plus, since it's slim fit, I thought I'd be safe and order S.  Turns out I was right!  I like how the S fits.

So, on photos, the sleeves look white/ivory.  However, in real life, they are actually a light dusty pink color.

Clearly, the sleeves can be buttoned up or let all the way down.  I like the versatility of these shirts.

I actually got another slim fit Portofino shirt, which is the Sheer White Plaid style.  I've been really into white tops lately.  Must be because of summer!

I got this one in S as well, so it's also a good fit.  It's slightly sheer, so I'd probably wear a tank under it for work.

Then, I got another very very similar top, but it's the Regular Fit Chevron Stripe Sheer White Portofino Shirt.  It was on sale for like $20 haha.  I figure I could use 2 of these!  

They only had size S left so I got it in S as well.  Surprisingly, it fits the same as the slim fit one!  I really can't tell the difference.

Ok, one more Portofino item... lol.. it's the Original Fit Chain Print Sleeveless Portofino, now on sale for $26!  I love this print.  

Got this one in S as well.  It fits larger than the Portofino shirts with sleeves.  The armpit area is looser in particular.  So XS probably would work as well.  I just didn't want to chance the chest area popping open in a smaller size.  


Ok, 2 more items!  The next 2 are casual, and super cheap!  The first one is the One Eleven Strappy V-Neck Cami.  It's only $16!  It comes in tons of colors, but I got it in this teal blue color which is very pretty.  The material is actually quite soft too, since the fabric has modal in it.  I think it's quite a steal for this price.

Size S as well.  I think this cami would be cute to wear casually, or wear under a jacket to work.

The front design is a bit different:

Lastly, I got this One Eleven Sequin Rose Graphic Tank.  It's $25.  How perfect is it for Italy!  It says Rose & Shine lol.  I can totally see myself having a nice glass of rose while wearing it lol.

Size S.  This tank is pretty soft too.  

It's kinda hard to see, but the letters are made of soft pink sequins:

I actually also ordered 2 more items which have some issues lol.  First, I got the Lace Yoke And Back Silky Rolled Sleeve Blouse which I really love, but I don't know why I got it in XS!  It's not stretchy at all, and it's a bit tight in the chest.  I should have ordered S like I did everything else.  But it looked so loose on the model.  Sigh.  I am trying to hunt down a S, in either white, black or red!  But stock check online says that there are none in stores near me.  I'll go to a store and check in person too.  But if not, then I'll really have to debate whether to keep it or not.  I really like the style though.

The second item I also got is this Striped Asymmetrical Maxi Dress, but I'm returning it.  It's not as cute as I thought it would be.  It's actually kind of formless on me in size S.  If anything, it's a size down item.  But I'm not interested enough to try it on in XS so I passed.

I would have taken pictures of the last 2 items on me, but I already have them packed up in a bag sitting in my car trunk lol.  But anyway, just take my word for it haha.

Overall I'm really happy with this order!  Express does have a lot of cute things right now, I'm afraid if I go look on their site I'll end up buying more lol.  

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