Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lululemon Ready & Go Tank & One More Free To Be Wild Bra

I made 2 orders from Lululemon item last week.  The first one was a full priced item which was the Ready & Go Tank in inkwell/blurry belle multi.  I thought it looked pretty cute and the colors are great.  So even though $68 is a lot for a top, I wanted to get it anyways especially since it's been a long while since I've bought a tank/bra combo from Lulu.

I read some of the reviews for this tank saying the bra ran small, and especially after how tight my size 6 Make A Move bra was, I thought I'd be safe and order a size 8.   Turns out, it was the right call!  At least for the bra.  I can't imagine having to wear a size smaller bra.  But the body of the tank is pretty loose, and looks unflattering.  I'm pretty unhappy with the fit, so much so that I walked over to Lululemon (I live like half a block away from the store but always buy online lol) and returned it immediately.  Oh yeah, and it didn't even come with bra cup inserts!  How rude.

I actually like baggy fitting tanks.  But I feel like my other baggy tanks are more flattering than this one.  In addition, the oversized tank look isn't my only issue with it.  The mesh material used in the tank felt pretty stiff to me.  It looks just like the circle mesh used in the older No Limit tank.  But it sure isn't the same.

Anyway, here's the tank up close.  The color combo is nice though.  It's too bad, but it was an easy decision to get my $72 back.

I've been buying regularly from Lululemon since 2009, and I've never bought anything other than size 4 and 6.  All my bottoms are size 4 exclusively.  Most of my tank/bra combos are size 4, tanks without bras are mostly size 4 as well.  But when it's a standalone bra, I normally get size 6.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but my previous 2 experiences of recent Lululemon items have both shown to be running small. 

In my second order, I got another Free To Be Wild bra, in capoeira multi/minty pink/white.  It was on sale for $34, I thought the color combo was super cute!

I got it in size 6.  I have like 5 other Free To Be Wild bras and they are all size 6.  When I took this one out, I thought it looked smaller.  So I laid it on top of another one I had - the cyber stripe/sea mist.  I wasn't crazy!  The new one is a good half an inch smaller laying flat, which means it's about an inch smaller in circumference.  This is what it looks like when the 2 bras are completely lined up on one side.  As you can see on the right side of the picture below, the one on top is much smaller.  It's also shorter overall:

Anyway, luckily this bra is quite stretchy so I can still wear it without feeling uber constricted.  But I really don't appreciate the inconsistent sizing!  

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