Friday, April 22, 2016

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Pump in Nude!

Ok, I told myself that I would stop buying Louboutins for a while after these Lady Peep nude pumps I got!  I've been lusting after them for so long now that I just had to do it despite the high price tag lol.  I've already worn them a few times in the short while that I've had them.  And I don't regret one bit!!  They are fabulous.  If I had to have only one pair of Louboutins, these might be the ones I'd pick.  Tough call though, between these and the black Biancas.  But anyway, you get the point!  The nude color goes with everything, obviously.  And the Lady Peep style adds sooo much height and makes the legs look much longer!

So as I've mentioned before when I got my nude Biancas, that the Louboutin nude is like the perfect shade of nude for me.  It's a very close match to my skin color.  Although I think Louboutin started making like 10 different shades of nude for every skin color.  That's pretty cool, but I wouldn't know what the new name for the the original nude is.  But I don't think I need another pair of nude shoes in the near future anyway!  Biancas are for work, these are for fun.  =)

Anyway, here they are!!  Size 36 as usual.  

I really adore the shape of the Lady Peeps, especially when it's on the feet.  Every time I wear this style, I notice that people (I mean, girls) really stare at them lol.  So they definitely eye catchers.  Although they are obviously not the most comfortable shoes you can buy, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked around for a good 5 blocks with these on and my feet didn't hurt at all!  I expected much worse lol.  

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