Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lululemon All Tied Up Tank Scoop & Ivivva Socks Again!

Finally I got something from Lululemon that I really like!  I got the All Tied Up Tank Scoop from we made too much last week.  It was only marked down to $39 from $48.  So, not much of a discount.  But enough for me to get it I guess!  I actually have always liked this tank style, but never tried it on before for some reason.  When I saw it marked down last week in the white color with rose gold foil kind of hem, I thought it was pretty cute!  So I got it, even though they only had size 8 and 10!  I went for the size 8...  I figured this style could fit very loose and still look good.  Also, the fact that you can tie it yourself in the back makes it even more customizable.

To my surprise, the size 8 isn't even all that loose!  The front doesn't scoop down too low either.  It's pretty much perfect.

When it's untied, sure it does look a bit loose from the side.  But the armpit doesn't dip very low:

When I tied it up in the back, it had that perfect loose but still cute fit that I like!

This tank is made of very thin cotton.  So it's not super soft or anything.  But I really like the style, and it would look cute with so many different bras!

The band gives it just enough sparkle so it's not just a boring white top!

I'm so happy to finally have liked something I ordered from Lulu!  It's been too long.

On the other hand, I am always happy with my Ivivva order lol.  I got more Everywhere Sock 3 Pack!  I love these socks so much.  They are all I wear to workout in.  They are seriously the perfect fit, material, and print.  I think I have like 20 pairs so far??  Plus, more I have, less often I have to do laundry.  =P  So now I have 6 more pairs!!

The color combos I got are Tranquil Blue/Iris Flower/Pop Orange:


And Sprinkler/Spry Blue/Bleached Coral (the bleached coral in the below pic looks orange, but in person they look more pink to me):

Cute right??  These socks make me so happy.  I get size X/S (I wear US size 6 shoes) and they fit perfectly.  I highly recommend.  Best 3 pairs of socks you can get for $18!


  1. Do you know if they would be good for long distance running like 6+ miles? TIA

    1. I think it would be ok? It's very thin and airy. So as long as it doesn't ride up, it's probably good for running!

    2. she's asking about the socks, not the top i think ;)

      i've worn ivivva socks for running, but only up to 5km. i didn't have issues with them though!

    3. Yes I was talking about the socks. thank you for the feed back

  2. That lulu tank does look surprisingly good! Hmm maybe I should consider getting one too. Thanks for the review!


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