Friday, February 12, 2016

HUE Zippered Glossy Denim Leggings in Deep Red - Great for V-Day!

I recently gave these bright red HUE Zippered Glossy Denim Leggings a shot, and they are now marked down from $54 to $24 so I thought I'd share!  They are in the perfect shade of red for Valentine's Day!  They come in glossy grayblack (without pockets) and black python (without pockets) as well, which are all on sale.

So the zipper pockets on the front are all fake ones.  The back pockets are real though.  I got these in size S.  I was unsure of them because of the waist - it's not very flattering since it's a thin elastic band.  Plus, it seems that these leggings would slide down rather easily.  Since there's no belt loops, you have no way to hold them in place.  Other than this issue, I actually do like the style and color of these leggings, especially for $24 (I'm trying to see if I can get a price adjustment since I paid full price only a couple weeks ago).

I tried them on with my pink Louboutins... LOL.

So I'd like them a lot better if they had belt loops.  Although the size S seems to fit fine, this material is a bit stiff and slippery so I can see the need to pull them up constantly as you move.

Anyway, not a bad price at all though.  Maybe a tailor can add some belt loops for a reasonable price and then they are good to go!

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