Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Fav! Vince Block Striped Classic Button Up!

Over the weekend, I ordered the Vince Block Striped Classic Button Up in Optic White Blue Stripe.  It's on sale now for $118 and I googled and found a 20% off code!  The top arrived today (because Vince ships from LA and I always get my order the next day!) and I absolutely LOVE it!  I don't know how Vince does it, but every time I order something from them, it becomes my new favorite item lol.  They keep outdoing themselves!  This top is soooo versatile too, I can rock it to work or casually and it's so damn cute!  Even though I ordered the top from, it arrived with a Saks tag on it.  Weird!  So I found it on Saks' site too, on sale at $177.  It's more expensive, but they have size 00 which no longer has.

After much internal debate, I ended up ordering this top in size 2.  My other Vince blouses are size 4, but they all feel just a tag big.  Like very loose around the waist, which I don't really mind.  But they are usually really really long on me.  So I decided to try this top out in size 2.  

I do find that the shoulder/chest area is a tad bit tight in size 2.  But I like the length and how it fits in the waist area much better than my size 4 tops.  I would say if the shoulder/chest area is even 1/4 of an inch looser, it would be perfect.  As it is now, I can totally still wear it though.  I just really love the style of this top.  Even my bf said he loved it right away which almost never happens with anything I buy lol.  He usually says something like "don't you already have this?" (...which is probably not far from the truth, let's be honest.)  Hahaha.

So according to the website, the material is 100% cotton.  But in the description section, it says that the sleeves are silk.  Looking at it in person, I think the sleeves and contrasting section are indeed silk (or at least some kind of chiffon).  I like that a lot. 

The 2 layers of the top are stitched together, as shown below:

I really like that the made the cuffs the same print as the body of the top:

So I liked this top so much that I immediately ordered another one in the same style - the Classic Poplin Button Up with Silk Contrast, in Monaco.  This one really does have silk sleeves though.  But the sleeves and body are the same color.  They only have size 4 left in the Monaco color now.  But I think that will be totally fine too, and may possibly be an even better fit.

I really can't recommend this shirt enough!  The description online does say it is designed based on their last year's best selling style, which totally makes sense to me.  I think the current price point is great, so don't even hesitate!


  1. Love the shirts! Which 20% code did you use??

    1. I just googled Vince promo code and it was like the first link that came up. I remember it was relatively long and consisted of mostly random letters lol.


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