Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Zobha Tanks

As mentioned in the last Sunday Funday post, I went to Super Saturday in Santa Monica and bought a couple Zobha tanks.  Prior to that, I hadn't paid attention to Zobha in a while.  I was surprised that they totally changed their aesthetic.  After I got home, I went on their website to browse and found the same.  They used to be kind of the "goodie two shoes", yoga princess look which I found a bit plain.  But I did always like the quality of their gear.  Now their designs look a lot edgier so that's even better.  Definitely my cup of tea.

So the first tank I got is the Flav Mesh Back tank, in "diva blue".  The material feels really nice, being modal/spandex.  I wasn't able to try on anything at this event, so I had to eyeball the sizing.  All their tanks seemed to be cut small, so I went with size M rather than my usual S.  I'm glad I did because S would have been too tight for sure!

Here it is on me in size M:

Close up of the snake print and mesh:

The next tank I got, I already wore it and posted the outfit on the last Sunday Funday post.  At first I thought it was the Dylan Racerneck Tank, but my tank has no zipper on the back:

So I think my tank is actually the Bono Racerneck tank, which the website only has the below color combo for:

However, my tank differs from both in that the upper portion is the faux leather look.  So maybe it's a 3rd tank altogether!  Hahaha.  But I really like this tank.  Except it runs even smaller than the other.  So even in M, it is quite a form fitting fit.  I wish I got a L.

But after working out in it, I gotta say it is very nice.  The material is great, and it stayed in place well.  I do really like the design!

So I think Zobha has definitely moved to a different direction!  The logo and tags also look edgier as well:

I guess I will have to keep an eye on this brand again!  I already ordered another tank from their website which I am waiting for.  It's the Double Layer Tank with Braided Trim.  Very cool looking!  Sizing could be problematic though.  If I didn't see these tanks in person first, I would have gotten size S and they would have been way too tight.  So that's something to keep in mind!

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