Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steve Madden Luxe Zeal Bootie

I went to see The Town today, which was very good.  There is a DSW in the same shopping structure as the theater, so I went to try stuff on afterwards.  I had no intention of buying anything, but when I put the Steve Madden Luxe Zeal Bootie on, I fell in love. The price is pretty good on these too, at $79.95.

I actually think today was the first time I've tried on this bootie style that's been very trendy for a while now.  I always thought they were kind of impractical before.  Like where would I wear them to?  And with what kind of outfit?  Since I'm older and more mature now (hehe), I don't really go clubbing anymore.  These do have a little hooch factor.  But I love the criss cross zipper look with blue piping, and the distressed leather look.

So I will figure out later what to wear them with.  They are super hot on, and sooo comfortable!  I mean much more comfortable than they look.  The material is very soft, and there's padding on the sole.  I think I could stand all day in these!  I think that I could wear these to work as well, with pants of course.  So only the front part of the shoes would show, which looks like good old black peep toe pumps.  Nobody else has to know what's under the pant leg!  Oh I could only imagine what reactions I would get from all the old men at my work if I wore these with a skirt!  Probably get sent home right away. 

Or get a raise??  Hehe

I only saw the black ones at the store, but when I was looking for them online, I see that they also come in taupe with orange zipper piping.  How cute too!  Now I want them as well.  Hmmm... I definitely don't need TWO pairs of the same shoes when I can't even figure out what to wear with the one pair I got.  But I'm really loving the taupe color.  Though black is probably more versatile.  I'm so indecisive!

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