Sunday, September 19, 2010

New iPod Nano!

I've been so tempted to get the new iPod Nano since I saw the redesign on the product notification emails from Apple.  So yesterday I played with it at the store and pulled the trigger!  The 8g one costs $149 and the 16g costs $179.  So for $30 more, you get twice as much space.  Kind of a no brainer.  It is soooooooo cute!!  And so little!

They've made them touch screen like the iPhone and iPod Touch, with different "apps".  Of course it doesn't have wifi or an app store so you can't go download new apps.  It comes with things like the player, playlist, artists, photos, radio, pod casts, and the fitness program that you can track your time and distance.  Operating it is very similar to my iPhone.  The only thing it took a little getting used to was swiping to the right to go backwards instead of pressing the home button like on my iPhone.  You can also use two fingers to twist and rotate the home screen to whichever direction you want.  Pretty cool stuff!

It comes with a clip on the back which is very useful for clipping to clothes while running or just walking around doing stuff.  It's so lightweight and small, you would never need a clunky arm band to hold it.  It's such an improvement from the prior versions!

The box it comes in is even super cute.  It looks like a jewelry box!  I love how well Apple packages their stuff using minimum space and cords.  You literally take it home and don't need to waste any time setting it up.

Look how small it is!

I liked pretty much all the colors it came in.  But was mainly deciding between blue and pink (I decided that was too girly).  And maybe the red one which I guess a portion of the proceed goes to fighting cancer or something.  It's a bright and very striking red.  But I ended up with blue because it's more neutral, and I always like blue.  Very excited to start using this to go out running vs. taking my big ol' iPhone with me! I just hope I don't lose it!


  1. Great review! I personally love my older nano - I like the idea of having the click wheel.
    I'd love to hear how you 'wear' the iPod while working out in your lululemon pants - do you clip it to the pants somewhere or onto your shirt? Are you worried about sweat getting in it?

  2. It is kinda weird without the click wheel! But I love it! I ran 5 miles last night and clipped it to the front strap part of my tank (cool racerback), just to the side of the neckline and it worked well. I didn't have any sweat problems as I had a bra on underneath so it never touched my skin. I think the clip is a great feature to have while weight lifting at the gym as well since most of my tops don't have built in pockets.

    I don't think I would ever clip it to my pants while running or doing any high impact work outs. I'd imagine the only place on my pants I could clip it to would be the waistband. But I'd really hate to have sweat getting on it. Not because I think sweat would ruin it - I just think it's gross lol. I'm pretty neurotic about stuff like that. But it's so small that it would fit into any of the zipper pockets or hidden gel pockets of my Lulu running bottoms. Or tops for that matter. That is what I will probably do when it gets colder and I have to start wearing long sleeve running tops.

  3. Thanks for the review! I took the plunge and asked my hubby to get one for me (told him he could pick the colour), but I haven't seen it yet because I'm out of town until tomorrow. BUT, my husband said it had arrived and showed it to me over Skype (he went with green)! I'm so excited to give it a try! Did you say it keeps track of your time and distance...does it use a gps or something? Or do you have to enter it in to the program (I run with my iphone right now and depend on my RunKeeper app to track time and distance for me...but it's soooooo big and I hate holding it my hand). I am SO excited just to clip it somewhere and go. I only asked for the 8G because I only ever put my best running playlist on...the bigger one would be wasted on me. :)

  4. Oh how nice of your husband!! I love the green one, it's very pretty. The fitness app thing seems to work only if you have the nike+ shoe chip thing to sync your steps to the ipod, which I don't. But it's only $29 so I might get it. Do you have it? I've used it a couple years ago during Nike sponsored run clubs where they give you Nike shoes to test out with an ipod and the nike+ chip in it. The chip seemed to always over estimate the distance. Maybe they've improved it since then. Anyway, have fun playing with the new gadget!

  5. Oh, okay! Yes, I do have the Nike Plus system. I bought it about 3? years ago and I really, really like it, but haven't used it in a while (stopped running while preggers). I did try to use it when I started running again about 2 months ago, but the sensor (on the shoe) doesn't work anymore. :( Time to replace it, I guess. It does overestimate, but for me...only about 1/2 a kilometer on 5km. There is a feature where once you've connected to your can sync it with your gait...I just never have. For me, it was spot on with walking...but, like I said, a bit over when running. I don't wear Nike shoes for running,, so I bought the little hard, clear plastic case that attaches to your laces. Definitely going to get a new sensor...soooo much better than carrying my iPhone. I tried an thanks. Too heavy. I LOVE that the new Nano just clips anywhere! :)

  6. Hello! I just bought this new Nano.. and I'm wondering, how the heck can I turn it off?? Do I just keep it "sleeping" all the time when not in use? I love it, but wish I could turn it off!!!

  7. Hmm... I always just lock it and it goes to sleep... kind of like what you do with your cell phone. I don't think it actually turns off?


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