Friday, September 3, 2010

Mikasa Cheers Wine Glasses

I got the Mikasa Cheers wine glasses as a present a while ago.  I really like them now!  They look so stylish, and I love how each one is different from the others so you can keep track of your glass.

I only wish the set came with 6 glasses vs. 4.  Not that I *need* that many.  But it's nice to have extras!  

I really want to get the matching goblets:

These goblets are pretty good sized ones too.  I think I need them!

Hmmm... maybe I actually want to get the complete Cheers line!

They look so pretty filled with colorful drinks..

I think this is my natural progression to updating my kitchen ware!  I have like 4 sets of different glasses right now - some from Ikea for like $6 for 10, some from my boyfriend, some from my step brother's left over wedding present that they "re-packaged" as my Christmas present last year.  My shelves are full of different kinds of glasses!  I really want to get rid of them all and just get cool looking ones that match, exactly like the Mikasa Cheers line!  I don't really understand why there are such huge price differences between wine glasses.  I've seen ones that cost anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred per set.  What is it that makes such a big difference??  Wouldn't they all break eventually?

Each set of the Mikasa Cheers line is $35, so I guess this stuff will add up if you want multiple sets.  I drop a couple hundred bucks whenever I shop for clothes/shoes, etc. without thinking too much about it, but for some reason when it comes to things like glasses, it feels like a lot of money...?!?  Maybe I need to adjust my priorities a little.


  1. Great question. Yes, they will break eventually. Especially if they are ever handled by someone as clumsy as my husband. I can't tell you how many glasses we have lost in the last 3 years, both wine glasses and tall drinking glasses. Oh, and the other night, he knocked a plate off the counter...and it fell and broke. Should buy plastic things for him, or just not let him touch anything in the kitchen on Friday night after a long week of work.

    The Mikasa set is really pretty though! Hehe... I like how you mention some of your wine glasses were "re-packaged" and gifted to you.

  2. Haha... your husband sounds just like my step dad. My mom gets so mad at him because he breaks everything he touches! She only has incomplete sets now and refuses to buy more lol... luckily my boyfriend is very careful with dishes and glasses - more careful than me! So I think the investment in nicer glasses should be worth it.

    Haha yeah they wouldn't admit it, but I put on my detective hat and came to the conclusion that there's 99% probability that they gave me their left over wedding present since their wedding was just a few months before Christmas last year!! Not that I care, and why not, I'd probably do the same! I just think it's funny.


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