Thursday, September 9, 2010

REPORT Signature "Charles" Sandal

My latest Ruelala purchase arrived today - the REPORT Signature Charles Sandal.  I was so excited when I saw these shoes on Ruelala last week, because I'd been looking for a pair of neutral colored sandals in this intertwined style or whatever you call it for a while now, but just never saw anything I liked enough.  I almost bought a pair of Charles David sandals in a somewhat similar style a couple weeks ago but at the last minute decided I didn't like them enough to pay $250 or whatever it was.  Now I'm glad I didn't buy them because I got these REPORT Signature ones for only $49, down from $220.  Hehe.  I think these are super cute, especially for the price! 

I like the two toned look, and I like how the heels are a little chunkier vs. a thin stiletto style - They are pretty high, I don't want to twist my ankle as I walk.  They are made of all leather straps and sole, but the champagne colored criss cross ruched straps are fabric, with subtle gold glitter accent on it.  I was actually afraid that the glitter would make these shoes look too "clubby", but they are a very subtle shimmer in person.

I think the picture makes them look way shinier, probably due to whatever lighting they used.  

The gold-tone hardware looks pretty nice with the whole ensemble.  It's funny, I'm not normally a gold person, but I think the gold hardware works really well with the shoes.  Makes them look more expensive.  I guess for $220 original price, they really shouldn't look "cheap".

This back zipper is kind of problematic for me though.  Just from walking around at home, the top of the heel where the zipper ends kind of rubs against my feet.  I can already feel a cut or blister coming.  Ugh.  I guess I have to break them in though.  I thought they would be comfortable too, because the soles are padded, and I got half a size up to be a little more roomy.  I'm very comfortable in heels and wear them everyday so the height is not a problem here, I think they are 4.5 inch.  I just hope that the back heel will soften a little bit after I wear them a few times.  Or I guess I will have to try not walking so much when I wear them.  Lol.  They sure will look cute with a bunch of outfits - dresses, pants, shorts, during the day, at night, to work, to a party, etc.  Still very excited to give them a try!

On a side note, these shoes also come in all black.  And the other day I saw that Express had started selling shoes online only.  I clicked on the link, and low and behold, I see the exact same design!

REPORT Signature
Express"Shimmer Wrap Heeled Sandals"
I know a lot of shoe companies take each other's designs, but the Express price point isn't even that cheap - they are selling for $98.  Maybe it's the photo, but the fabric used in the Express shoes doesn't look as nice. 

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