Friday, November 11, 2011

Lululemon Run Turn Around LS & Apres Run Pullover.. And The New Shopping Bag

I went to Lululemon today for the first time in like 4 months hoping to find something to wear to my half marathon this Sunday.  I have lots of Lululemon pullovers but I couldn't decide which one to wear.  So I figured why not just buy a new one then.  Haha.  Well, I didn't end up finding anything for the race, but I did find these two really cute tops:  Run Turn Around LS & Apres Run Pullover.

I really really like the fit and feel of the Turn Around.  It is rulu, which I'm guessing is a short name for running luon.  Sorry, haven't been keeping up with Lulu for quite a while so I'm not up to date with the new lingo.  However, it feels different from my other running luon tops.  It feels more of a knit material, and thicker.  It is also reversible, and the fabric looks different on both sides.  It is on the long side, which is the perfect length to me.  And I appreciate the simplicity of it which has been lacking in a lot of Lululemon products as of late, in my opinion.  That is the reason I have not bought anything in a long time.  I don't really like too much ruffle and pleats.  This top does not look like a pure workout top, which makes me think that I can wear it casually as well.

I bought my normal size 4 and I think it fits true to size.  Here are some pictures, but don't make fun as I am still trying to lose what I gained while binging in Europe.  It's so easy to consume calories but so much harder to take it off!  When I'm back to normal, this top should be looser fitting which will be perfect.

The Stripy side

The reverse side

The only thing I am wary about is the white on the sleeve - I am incapable of keeping white sleeves clean.  So I normally avoid it.  Why couldn't they have made it a darker gray??  The store also had this top in black and persion purple, which do not have white around the sleeve opening.  But I liked this one the best.  It's called white heathered blurred gray mini check/reflective sparkle splatter.  Woah, can the name get any longer?

Here are some shots of this top from Lululemon's website:

The ipod pocket has a hole for the cord to go through which is nice.  But it's too small for my iphone, and that is why I can't wear this top to my race - I want to take my phone with me and use it as an ipod.

Ok so I saw that this top also comes in this plum color online, which is nice.  So I bought it too.  Should receive it next week.  I think I will keep both.

I grabbed the Apres Run Pullover at the very last minute before heading to the fitting room.  I didn't think I'd like it too much but it felt really soft so I thought I'd give it a try.  And it turned out to be so cute!  It's a really soft fleece material, which I would not wear to run in.  It is way too hot for Southern California even at the coldest.  I do however think it is a great top to chill in.  I normally hate spending over $100 on a non-technical piece, but it's so cute and comfy I gave it an exception.  It's so comfy that I cannot take it off.  I bought it in black, and I never buy anything black!  Not that there was any other choices at the store, but I like this pullover in black as it will be very versatile.

I also got this in size 4, and I would say it is true to size as well.  

Closer shot - you can see the little pleats on the shoulders.  Very subtle.

The back of this pullover is really cute too.  I didn't take any back pictures, but here are some from the website.  It is in black swan on the website as opposed to black, but I don't really see a difference.  Looks black to me.

As I was checking out, they handed me this new bag which was very surprising.  Is this disturbing?  Does it make you want to stop shopping at Lululemon?  You decide for yourself.  What I don't understand is why Lululemon would so blatantly link themselves to politics when it is an athletic clothing company.  I am not usually interested in politics and certainly don't want to discuss it on here.  But I don't think it's wise to force your customers to choose between cute clothes and political ideologies of nut jobs.

The reverse side, as you can see the reflection in the mirror, is different yoga poses which kind of reminds me of kama sutra.  Lol.


  1. Girl, you look amazing in that top whether you think you gained a little on that honeymoon or not! I'm and 8 or 6 in Lulu and would loveeee to look like that in a 4! ;)

  2. Aww thanks! It's not that I think I gained a lot of visible weight, I just feel bloated and I can tell the difference in my clothes even if nobody else can. I should have adopted my old saying of "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". Lol.

  3. I was thinking to myself how tiny you look, and then saw where you wrote for people not to make fun.... wish I was as tiny as you, people could make fun all they want, LOL! however, I know what you mean by that bloated feeling, it just makes you feel blah!

  4. The top looks perfect. You may feel different- but you don't look any, promise! It was good you enjoyed yourself on the honeymoon :)

  5. Did you notice the shrimp on the bag??? lol :)

    both of those tops look great!

  6. I agree, you don't look any different at all. You look great as ever. I have both of these tops, too. I especially love the Turn around LS. LOVE. I took it out running and it's warm, breathable, and super super wicking. It was awesome, not to mention that I love it to wear casually, too. I really want another one, but I promised myself to stop buying multiples. I always tell myself that they will always make something else super cute that you will want.

    About the John Galt thing, what are they thinking? Seriously? I'm not going to become a billboard for someone's political views. I wonder if lululemon suspects that most people won't know what it means and will just blindly carry that bag around. I got one today and was annoyed by it. Oh well, whatever. I guess it is their bag and they can put on it what they like (but I'm not going to carry it around)

  7. Thanks Andrea! I am wearing my Turn Around LS right now! I think it's one of those pieces that you can justify getting multiples of. =)

    And yes I would never carry this bag around. It is embarrassing. I chucked it in the corner of my closet after I took it home. I think I might use my black marker to color in the stupid John Galt thing because I don't mind the kama sutra side... LOL!

  8. Love the top on you and you do not need to lose any weight! Also what pants are those? Dance Studio? I know people are crazy for them and until now I didn't really get it. Now I think I need a pair of whatever you are wearing!

  9. Thanks Anon! And yes those are the Dance Studio pants. I too, thought they were crazy over rated and over priced before I actually tried them on and now I have 2 pairs of the pants and 2 pairs of the crops! I love them and wear them all the time!

  10. Thanks! Hopefully my showroom will get some in so I can give them a try.


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