Thursday, February 9, 2012

We Got A Dog!

It's crazy, we had been talking about getting a dog but not really serious about it.  But my husband's brother met someone who had a 7 month old lab and boxer mix, who is now living in his car and is not able to afford feeding the dog.  Really sad.  So today they went to go check out this dog and actually took him home!  And when I came back from work, this guy was sitting there looking at me:

His name is Whiskey!  I think that's a cute name for a dog.  You can't really tell from these pictures but he is pretty skinny from the lack of food.  You can see his rib cage under his skin.  Well, he's got a good home now and we are feeding him!

I think he's totally cute, and he is such a cuddler.  He is quiet, he can play with himself (he throws up his toy bone and catches it), and is house trained.  So hopefully this won't be too hard!  I hope to be able to take him out as my running partner!  It's always been my dream to have a running dog, because I don't really like running with other people (don't like talking or pacing others while running) and I get bored running outside by myself which is why I never really do it.  

I'm not too excited with the prospect of picking up poop though.  And he keeps humping everything since he hasn't been neutered.  But this should be a fun adventure!


  1. Yay! You're going to love having a dog! He's got a really sweet face.

  2. He is very cute!! Should be a great running partner also.

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, he's beautiful! Kind of a sad story, but at least the dog has a great home now and I'm sure he'll make a wonderful running buddy!!

  4. Yayy on you for not getting a dog from a breeder!!

  5. It must have been really hard for the first owner to let him go... Whiskey looks very sweet. I am sure he'll make your best of 2012 post!

  6. Thanks everyone! He is very cute, last night he lied down and watched me get ready for bed the whole time. And he got scared of my electric tooth brush. Hehe.

    It's weird to think that he has never lived in a home before. You know how usually dogs act really excited when you take their leash and walk towards the door, because they know they are getting a walk? He doesn't know that. He doesn't rush to the door and you kind of even have to drag him out. Lol. I'm sure he will get used to it though!

  7. A dog is the best running partner! Like you, I dislike runnig together with other people, as I like to go my own pace, take different routes and at different times of the day. And since "life is too short for the treadmill..." haha I "get out and run!" with my always-ready and happy-to-join-on-short-notice running partner: my dog. He is off the leash as we run in the countryside and motivates me to run faster whenever he's ahead of me. I also feel safer because he alerts me when he sniffs something or someone ahead of me (he's a hound dog). And depending how big/strong your dog is, he could even help you to carry your bottle of water, keys, etc, if you fitted him with a dog running vest. Dog trainers state dogs feel better when they know they serve their owners, when they have a taks or a purpose.

    Congratulations and start by training him a few minutes every day, as you increase mileage and spend. Your dog will eventually adapt himself to your pace. Good luck and god bless you for rescuing an animal in need.

    O, from Switzerland.


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