Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tart & Walter Jackets from Gilt

I bought 2 jackets from Gilt that I was super excited about getting.  The Tart Ponte Motocycle Jacket and Walter Nina jacket.

Here's the Tart Ponte:

I really like this jacket.  It's constructed really well too.  I guess it better be for the original price of $266.  I paid $89 for it on Gilt though.  I bought it in a size S, but I really wish I had bought it in a size M.  I like the way the jacket looks on the model being a little loose.  The sleeves are tighter on me.  I think for this style, it really needs to not be tight.  So I think I will have to return it.  Sad face.  This would look so cute with jeans or over a dress like the model!

I actually bought the Walter Nina jacket in a size M, since that was the only size left and I figured it would be ok.  But it's too big!  Ugh.

So since it's too big, this jacket looks frumpy on me.  I do like the funky style of this jacket, and the sleeves are super comfortable because they are much thinner than the rest of the jacket.  But I also couldn't figure out how I would wear this jacket.  So this one is definitely going back.

Sucks!  I wish I had ordered reverse sizes and then they'd both be perfect!  Oh well, that's online shopping for ya, I guess.  I like motorcycle style jackets, and shorter length will be good for the warmer weather here.  So I'll be on the lookout for more jackets like these!

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