Thursday, February 16, 2012

Betsey Johnson Tights - Fun!

I meant to write about these Betsey Johnson tights I got from Hautelook when I was writing my last post, because I was wearing them in the photo!  Of course, I totally forgot to write about them after I wrote about the skirt though.

I actually bought 2 pairs, the first ones are the ones I wore, they are called "Take A Bow Net Tight":

I think they are called Take A Bow, because there is a bow on the back of the ankle, which is a super cute detail but for some reason they did not show a picture of it.  The rest of the tights are all like this diamond shape.  I think these are super fun!  I do like patterned tights, I think they break up the monotony and gives you more personality.  But there are many tights that are too out there for me.  These ones though, I can wear to work!  So that's a definite plus.  You've seen this picture twice already, but here they are on me again, even though you can't see them that well:

And then, I got these other ones called "Filigree Garter Net Tight".  

To me these ones are definitely more sexy, since they are like this floral lace pattern.  I don't think I'll be wearing these to work, but I really like them.  I actually didn't realize when I bought them, but the lace pattern only goes up to the thigh.  I thought they went all the way up.  But the top portion is all just fish net, with garter detail pattern blended in on the back which they once again chose not to shown a picture of.  This model is obviously taller than me, so it looks like the lace stops pretty high up.  But on me, they stop only a couple inches above my knees.  The garter detail definitely makes it too sexy to go to work!  But I think these will be super fun to wear on a night out or something like that.

I love Betsey Johnson's funky style, and love it even more when the price is good!  I got these for only $9 each.  But of course these are not like the "high end" tights that have body contouring or shaping.  My regular all black tights I normally wear to work are Spanx, and those have pretty nice control on top and around the butt.  These Betsey Johnson tights feel very flimsy compared to those.  But the waistband is hot pink!  That's gotta count for something, right?


  1. Those tights are adorable! I'm loving the Sunday Funday: Work Edition lately too :) I LOVE workout clothes and always come up with something cute to wear running, but I could usually care less about work style haha. But your outfits last week inspired me to actually dress up for work for a change (as opposed to the usual boring dress pants + sweater and/ or dress shirt combo I usually wear! Looking forward to seeing more!!

    1. Haha that's so cool! I do default to dress pants and a sweater too. But I try to go for cute sweaters. Lol. I used to not give a shit about work clothes but then I figure it's prob good to make a decent impression at work and not be known as a bum. Might help my career somewhat lol.

  2. Oh Interesting. This net trend are sweater too. Great post.


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