Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swarovski Tanzanite Nina Earrings Purple Crystal

For my wedding I bought these awesome Swarovski earrings in vintage rose, I love them so much that I wear them all the time.  I bought them in the store at the time for $75 + tax, and I remember seeing and liking the purple color as well.  But since my whole wedding color was pink, I had to go with the pink earrings.  Recently though, before I left for China, I actually saw the same earrings in purple on Gilt for only $39.  So of course I bought them too!

I think these earrings are so gorgeous.  I really do wear them with everything.  I can dress them up or wear them with a more casual outfit and they work both ways.  They are just so pretty and delicate!  You really can't go wrong with Swarovski.

I'm so glad that I now own them in both colors.  If they would come in more colors, I would buy every single one.  Lol.  

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